The company named PAPASTAFIDAS S.A. with the distinctive title “GOLDEN BEACH” and Registration No Α.Ε.21387/026/Β/90/0008 was recommended with the 2317/29-01-1990 company statute that was published in 697/26-03-1994 paper of Greek Government Gazette.


Aim of the company is the foundation, operation and exploitation of hotel and tourist enterprises.


At its constitution, initial shareholders provided completely a property plot in a range of 4.993 meters. It is only 450 meters from the sea and you can see photos on Google Maps. The initial program of manufacture provide the capacity of 52 beds.


The plot is settled in the area of Agios Georgios (Livadakia) the limits of Community Vasilitsi (in the region Koroni Messinias). Since 2010 it belongs in the municipality Pylos-Nestoros. The plot has approval of Arrangement of Tourist unit from the ministry Land planning as well as approval from Greek National Tourism Organisation (E.O.T.)


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