Koroni is a small coastal town in the prefecture of Messinia in the Gulf of Messinia. It is located southwest of Kalamata, where it is 52 km away. The state of Koroni on the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese retains all its picturesqueness, due not only to its geographical location but also to its architectural composition.

At first glance, the visitor sees the Venetian castle and the port of Koroni, which extends at the foot of the settlement. It belongs to the category of castles that have houses and temples inside. It should be noted that the castle is still inhabited today.

Koroni’s main attraction is Zaga Beach, a 2km sweep of golden sand just south of town. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to here; you can cut through the castle or go via the road. Koroni also sees loggerhead turtles, which lay their eggs near Zaga.

The endless natural beauty, the picturesqueness of the landscape, the historical sights and the warm hospitality of the residents charm every visitor. Some walks will help you explore the mysterious medieval state embraced by the glamor of the sea.

Koroni, with the contrasts of its landscape, today attracts the eyes of visitors, where in the summer months it is flooded with many tourists and Greek vacationers who reach 10000. According to the latest census, its permanent residents amount to 1700.